Do You Have Clean Headphones?

clean headphones

  Of all the important things in your life, how far up the list is clean headphones? Chances are it’s not on the list at all as it isn’t something most of us think about. Our headphone tend to be for our own personal use so passing them around doesn’t happen very often. When it […]

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Silent Discos and Headphones

girl2 headphones

Have you ever experienced silent discos? At first it seems like a really strange idea, why would you want to go to a disco that’s silent? The reality is that it’s a trend that’s been growing over the last few years, particularly in Europe. What is a Silent Disco? It is what it says on […]

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Do Earbuds Cause Hearing Loss?


We’ve reported on damage to hearing from headphones in previous articles but the question, do earbuds cause hearing loss is once again in the news due to an interesting project. 1964 Ears is a headphone company that has joined Asius Technologies to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to develop a new line for […]

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Epic Fail is Good

JBL Epic Fail ad

Every so often the advertising world comes up with a commercial that ends up going down as an all time classic. These commercials are usually great branding exercises to position the company being advertised into our mind in a particular way. One classic example of this is Avis. They were the number two car rental […]

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Just Divine Headphones

dsp enabled headphones

We’re about to experience what’s being called the world’s first high end DSP wireless headphones. This could be revolutionary as the wireless sound quality will really step up. DSP or digital signal processing is a procedure which takes digitized sounds and mathematically manipulates them. You can find more at Wikipedia. The company behind this is […]

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Koss, Kids and Girls!

koss, kids and girls

Koss, one of the world’s best known headphone manufacturers, has announced its new SP series. They say they’ve gone back to basics for these new models, with the earpiece shaped like a “D” as it’s similar to the ear. So far there are two in the series, the SP540 and the SP330. Each have outer […]

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Loud Music Causing Ringing in the Ear

oud Music Causing Ringing in the Ears

Written by Steve Collins This article has come about through my own research online to find out more about ringing in the ear otherwise known as tinnitus. It’s a fairly common complaint that’s bound to get worse in the future given the amount of people you see while out and about, wearing headphones turned up […]

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Cool Headphones

beats solo2

How did it start, where did it come from and who said so? Cool Headphones, what does that mean? Many different items have become fashion accessories over the years, such as VW badges being stolen from cars and worn as jewellery, but what about fashion headphones? Fashion and music go hand in hand, so at […]

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